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Liv Monaghan: Paris offers a “great vibe” and opportunities for musicians

Drinking morning coffee in Montmartre and singing in Paris’s gritty jazz clubs at night is a bohemian dream for many: for Liv Monaghan, who found her (...)

Should you ever require an Oscar winner to compile cheat notes for a play, might we point you towards Geoffrey Rush, an actor who can make you rethin(...)

Serious clowning: Fionnuala Gallagher (left) during rehearsals
Cheers of a clown

It’s only a teeny mask, and one that is hard to earn, yet a red nose has always held a particular attraction for Fionnuala Gallagher. So she’s delight(...)

The Man in the Woman's Shoes

‘With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come,” so wrote William Shakespeare in The Merchant of Venice (...)