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Ciara Kelly’s medical background combines with her confidence as a broadcaster to good effect. Photograph: Tom Honan

Not so long ago, celebrating Christmas in January was solely the province of those working for cheapskate companies allergic to shelling out for festi(...)

Newstalk’s Ciara Kelly: prompting women to talk openly about their fears and experiences. “I feel we’re pulling back a veil,” she says. Photograph: RTÉ

“Pregnancy never suited me,” admits broadcaster and mother-of-four Ciara Kelly, recalling the aches, pains and symphysis pubis pain she struggled w(...)

Linda Sankey,  the communications officer for “Six months into our new normal, we can all agree that the two most important tools used to sustain and facilitate living in a pandemic, have been Zoom and walking.”

On January 1st, I and thousands of others joined the #100daysofwalking challenge (started by Ciara Kelly on Newstalk), where we would attempt to walk (...)

Acting chief medical officer Dr Ronan Glynn at a daily Covid-19 briefing

A number of doctors have called for an end to the daily Covid-19 figures, describing them as a “self-perpetuating cycle of misery”. Dr Maitiu O Tuat(...)

Kieran Cuddihy takes over from  Ivan Yates as host of the Hard Shoulder (Newstalk, weekdays). 

Ever since Pat Kenny succeeded Gay Byrne on the Late Late Show and transformed it from societally seismic broadcasting phenomenon into car crash telev(...)

 Broadcaster and former GP Ciara Kelly: “I can taste fine, but I don’t seem to have any sense of smell.”  Photograph: Tom Honan

The recovery rate from coronavirus stands at 92 per cent in Ireland. But what does recovery actually look like, and why are some more affected than ot(...)

Ray D’Arcy manages to conjure up a united Ireland over Zoom

It’s Wednesday, and Ray D’Arcy is in danger of being overwhelmed by calamity. As well as dealing with numerous technical glitches – bad lines, dr(...)

Ciara Kelly presents herself as someone who speaks her mind, whatever the consequences. Photograph: Tom Honan/The Irish Times

It’s a week when spring is in the air, or at least the airwaves, as presenters ponder the prospect of finally being sprung from confinement. But (...)

Ciara Kelly: the broadcaster and GP was one of the first public figures to be diagnosed with coronavirus in Ireland. Photograph: Tom Honan

Ciara Kelly, the broadcaster and GP, was one of the first public figures to be diagnosed with coronavirus in Ireland. She has recovered and is still b(...)

Photograph: iStock

“Living with uncertainty” is a term general practitioners learn in training. It describes a type of resilience, a calm assessment and realistic planni(...)

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