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Covid-19 pandemic restrictions in place on the pews at the Church of Our Lady Help of Christians on Dublin’s Navan Road last May, when the church was open for private prayer. Photograph: Alan Betson

Our politicians weren’t given a blueprint for the Covid-19 pandemic. It would be unreasonable to expect them to handle an unprecedented, mutating situ(...)

In the Ireland of 2019, public doctrine is camouflaged by the claim that there is no public doctrine.

On July 1st, 1681, having been found guilty of high treason for promoting the Catholic faith, Oliver Plunkett was hanged, drawn and quartered at (...)

The birth of Christ at Christmas gives thoughtful Christians a particular sensibility regarding abortion.

What God was doing in a certain irregular and unexpected pregnancy is at the very heart and foundation of Christian faith – not to mention the heart o(...)

It is just wrong-headed to expect that those who have firm pro-life, anti-abortion convictions will simply exit the stage of public debate and advocacy. They will not be silenced; they will no more beat a genteel retreat than will their fellow-citizens on the other side of the issue. Photograph: Alan Betson

What will happen after the referendum on the Eighth Amendment? Will the issue be parcelled neatly away, so that those who see the result as a victory (...)

Msgr Hugh Connolly, a fluent French speaker, has completed the usual 10-year term as president at St Patrick’s College, Maynooth. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

The president of the national seminary St Patrick’s College Maynooth, Msgr Hugh Connolly, has been appointed chaplain to the Irish College (Collège de(...)

Mary says “yes”! Ilustration from the ‘Grow in Love’ religion course which is based on the Catholic Preschool and Primary Religious Education Curriculum.

The story of the Annunciation is found in the first chapter of the Gospel according to Luke. It recounts how the angel Gabriel was sent by God to a vi(...)

A Harry Clarke stained glass window depicting St Patrick at the Church of the Assumption, Tullamore, Co Offaly. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

I grew up on stories of St Patrick. Some were legendary, some were almost swashbuckling. One tale that particularly appealed to my boyish imagination (...)

‘Faith’s power in society comes not from any church-state concordat, but from the visible witness of Christians.’ Above,  St. Joseph’s Church, Bunnacurry, Achill,  Co Mayo. Photograph: Frank Miller / The Irish Times

The influential biblical scholar Raymond Brown once produced a slender volume entitled An Adult Christ at Christmas. The title nicely conveyed Brown’s(...)