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Jeremy Grantham: ‘There was no insult that was not good enough for me, not just senility and old age and complete ignorance about bitcoin’.

Veteran investor Jeremy Grantham received a torrent of online abuse recently after dismissing the investment appeal of bitcoin. That abuse, says Grant(...)

GameStop’s US-listed shares soared nearly 104 per cent on Wednesday and were halted several times in a late rally

GameStop Frankfurt-listed shares surged 180 per cent in pre-market trading on Thursday after the videogame retailer’s US stock more than doubled in la(...)

Elon Musk may be joking around when it comes to tipping stocks, but he knows well his tweets result in inexperienced traders doing dumb things. File photograph: Getty

More than 46 million people follow Elon Musk on Twitter and many, it seems, have trading accounts. “I kinda love Etsy,” tweeted Musk a few weeks ago:(...)

A study of Brazilian day traders found 97 per cent lost money and only 1.1 per cent earned more than Brazil’s minimum wage. Photograph: iStock

In Jason Zweig’s Devil’s Financial Dictionary, risk-averse is defined as “not willing to take more risk – yet. When assets double or triple in price, (...)

 Olympics organising committee president Yoshiro Mori announces his resignation as he takes responsibility for his sexist comments, at a meeting with council and executive board members at the committee headquarters in Tokyo. Photograph: EPA

Every so often Japan reminds the world that it is a crazy, beautiful, lucky-dip of contradictions. On the face of things, the resignation of an elder(...)

Elon Musk – the world’s greatest gift to cryptocurrencies?  Photograph: AP

Elon Musk is the world’s greatest gift to cryptocurrencies. These “coins”– really little more than lines of code – still have few real-life use cases.(...)

Photograph: iStock

GameStop bull Keith Gill – better known as Roaring Kitty on YouTube – lost more than $13 million (€10.7 million) last Tuesday. His consolation, said B(...)

Citron Research’s Andrew Left says shorting is ‘not worth it for me or my family’. .

Retail traders on Reddit’s WallStreetBets forum lost a bundle when the bubble burst, but they can console themselves that they succeeded in one of the(...)

 GameStop: a few hedge funds were bloodied, but others profited from the chaos. Photograph: Tiffany Hagler-Geard

The war between Reddit’s GameStop enthusiasts and Wall Street hedge funds was billed a David vs Goliath struggle. Last week’s crash in GameStop shares(...)

The New York Stock Exchange. Photograph: Nicole Pereira/New York Stock Exchange via AP

Prior to last week’s crash, the popular narrative around GameStop centred on righteous and principled Redditors screwing dastardly Wall Street types, (...)

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