Ferguson takes it in his stride


Alex Ferguson laughed off last night's defeat, saying: "I'll not be losing any sleep.". Ferguson's response was to write the game off as a blip that means nothing. "Can anybody tell me how they won that game?" asked the incredulous United manager. "We completely dominated the match, had enough chances, but just couldn't get the rub of the green, and it went with them instead."

United fans might be beginning to feel their visits to The Dell are jinxed, but Ferguson for one did not echo that view. "You just can't give that sort of game a proper analysis - but then again, football's an amazing game, even if they did put in a lot of effort." "If Nicky (Butt) hadn't slipped as the ball came in for the goal I'm sure Davies wouldn't have scored, and that unbalanced us for a while. There was some frustration from my players, and that was obvious. These things happen. I've seen it before and I'll see it again."