Drugs Cocktails: What helps in rugby


Substances which illegally enhance performance

(a) Steroids: Naturally occurring muscle-building products allow the taker to train harder and for longer periods without the body breaking down.

(b) Stimulants: Drugs such as ephedrine and isoprenaline which stimulate certain bodily functions

(c) HGH (Human Growth Hormone): Another naturally occurring muscle building compound.

(d) EPO (erythropoietin): Gives the blood a greater density of red cells, thus allowing the body to deliver greater amounts of oxygen to important muscle groups.

(e) Testosterone: Naturally occurring hormone in males and females which is commonly used to increase muscle growth and thus enhance endurance and strength.

Substances which enhance performances but are not illegal.

(a) Creatine: Increases muscle power, speed and stamina and improves recovery time after training. (b) Caffeine: Raises the bodies metabolism (legal only in low levels).

(c) Insulin: Can stimulate the synthesis of protein in the body.

(d) Antioxidants: Vitamins A, C and E have many applications in the body such as bone structure and skin functions.

(e) Energy drinks: A whole range of energy drinks are now available which promise to replace vital sugars and salts quickly.