Milk: power through your morning

How many times have you heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?


Whether it’s scientifically true, or just something your mother always told you, there’s no questioning the fact that it’s the first meal you get after an overnight fast.

In fact, breaking the fast is how breakfast got its name.

What's true is that breakfast is what powers you through your morning, whether at work or at school. And with its unique blend of protein, fat and carbs, milk is well placed to help you power up any breakfast.

Here are a dozen breakfast suggestions full of milky goodness:

1. Bring something extra to your morning cuppa, with a dash of hot milk, café style. A simple hand-held milk frother will see you serving up a frothy cappuccino in no time

2. Grab some flour, milk and an egg and you’ve got yourself a batch of freshly made pancakes, perfect on their own or garnished with honey, maple syrup or fresh fruits

3. Mix milk and eggs in a bowl and dip both sides of a slice of bread before frying it up in a pan, with some fresh dairy butter, for delicious French toast

4. For super smooth porridge mix oats with milk and bring to the boil, simmering for a few minutes and stirring occasionally. Top it off with cold milk, poured cream or berries for breakfast feast

5. Soup up your scrambled eggs by adding milk and even cream to the mixture, for a super fluffy texture

6. Want something light? A bowl of hot chocolate and a croissant is a firm favourite in France

7. Make your own muesli, with the combination of raw rolled oats, flax seeds, bran, nuts and dried fruits that best suits your taste buds

8. Opt for granola, a sweeter, toasted alternative, by adding maple syrup.  Both muesli and granola are best enjoyed with ice cold milk for a super healthy start to the day

9. Or take your regular breakfast cereal and give it a makeover, with chopped bananas, berries and toasted nuts to garnish. Add a little flax or chia seeds for added goodness

10. Fancy a fruit smoothie for breakfast? Use milk as a base for a super smooth taste with added protein

11. The live cultures in yogurt make it a healthy snack at any time, but by adding chopped fruit and nuts it is also a terrific way to start your day

12. Gotta dash? What could be quicker than a glass of chilled milk straight from the fridge. Just mind the milk moustache!

For more information visit ndc.ie/dairy-goodness

The National Dairy council