Young minds and Catholic apologetics


A chara,– Declan Kelly (July 28th) seems to think the discussion that began in these pages under the heading of “Programming of young minds” and which now continues under that of “Catholic apologetics” is all about proving that everything Breda O’Brien writes should be viewed as covert propaganda for her religious beliefs).

I think it is more about the nature of debate and whether when someone puts forward an argument we deal what they actually say or instead label the person raising the issue and then discuss what we think anyone carrying such a label believes.

The first procedure involves having a serious and respectful conversation with another human being; the second is merely talking to oneself through the puppet of an imaginary opponent. I know which of the two I find more fruitful and interesting. – Is mise,



Co Kilkenny

Sir, – I agree with Patrick Davey (Letters, July 26th) that we shouldn’t automatically treat everything Breda O’Brien writes as being apologetics for the Catholic Church. And yet, one must ask, would Breda have taken the time to bemoan Tumblr in her column if the site’s most shared posts were pro-life and anti-marriage equality? Yours, etc,


Upper Leeson Street,

Dublin 4