Spending euros to mind Pence


A chara, – You report that we will have a visit by the US vice president, Mike Pence in September (Home News, August 14th).

We have already paid some €12 million to €14 million to pay for President Donald Trump’s recent visit. This was not included in the budget of an Garda Síochána for this year. In making this decision the Government has created unknown problems as to how an Garda operate, and what effect this may have on crime or road safety and more.

Such behaviour was grossly out of order, made worse because it was a private, and not a State visit by Mr Trump.

Is it possible that the costs associated with Mr Pence’s visit will also have to come from a much depleted Garda budget as well? Will the word prudence appear in any of the election literature? – Is mise,


Blackrock, Co Dublin.