Sir, - I have been following the debate on putting the Luas underground. It is a debate worthy of Lewis Carroll. We were told that the funds were not available to build the Ballymun line in Phase I at a cost of a mere £80 millions or so. Now, however, an extra £200 million and probably considerably more can appear from somewhere if we decide to put the Luas underground.

I would like to know where this money is to be found and, if it is available, whey are we not building a more comprehensive light rail system, to encourage more motorists to switch to public transport. If the money is not available, why are we discussing how we are going to spend it? We suspect that this debate is really intended to kill off the whole Luas project by delaying it until it is too late. - Yours, etc.,

Earthwatch Dublin, 42 Pine Copse Road,

Dundrum, Dublin 16.