Opinion polls and leadership


Sir, – Norman Davies (August 19th) recommends that the Taoiseach be got rid of because of the latest opinion poll. The Taoiseach, as Mr Davies says, may not be great at public debate. I remember a previous taoiseach, however, who was brilliant at public debate but the country went broke under his leadership. The priority of running the country in the interests of the majority of the ordinary people of the country should embrace more fundamental issues than whether politicians can talk well on TV or the contents of the latest opinion poll. – Yours, etc,


Shielmartin Drive,


Dublin 13.

Sir, – Norman Davies appears to want the type of politician that spends all his time “communicating” and less time running the country. Our Taoiseach has helped to put Ireland back on its feet while the Opposition parties, consisting of the incompetent and the irresponsible, struggle to find their voice. – Yours, etc,


Loreto Grange,


Co Wicklow.

Sir, – If the maligned Labour Party can double its support in the latest opinion poll by changing leader, an overall majority would surely await the ascendant Sinn Féin if it followed suit. – Yours, etc,


Meadow Copse,


Dublin 15.