Madam, - It looks like one of those death notices which were used to announce someone's demise years ago, with a big black border on a stark white background: "Smoking kills".

This is a well-intentioned warning - but given the horrendous damage to drinkers' health and the well-being of others - mostly the family - is it not time that a similar stark warning was put on all alcoholic drinks?

Perhaps the list of damages caused by alcohol would be too long for the labels, but just one or two would be useful. For instance: "Drinking damages your health." Or: "Drinking impairs your driving." Or: "Drinking harms your family too." Or: "Drinking can cause you to kill or injure someone else."

What is it with this nation, from Government down, that the message of drink-induced destruction simply cannot get through? It is nothing short of a national disgrace that so much is suffered by so many families because of alcohol.

If the family is the recognised bedrock of our society it is not getting the help and protection which families deserve and need. It is time to wake up and take this devil by the horns. - Yours, etc.,