Housing crisis and transport


Sir, – Frank McDonald correctly summarised that most of the ghost estates around the country that might be resurrected as houses to alleviate the chronic supply problem, are in the wrong place to address the need. (“The reconstruction of Dublin”, March 12th).

Could I venture that if we had commuter and intercity train services in terms of speed, frequency and price, on par with the typical service in continental Europe, then one does not need to live near Dublin.

As an example, can you imagine the last commuter train departing Amsterdam or Stockholm was 6.30pm?

It would not constitute a service.

But the last commuter or intercity service departing Dublin serving Wicklow and Wexford is 6.30pm. And meantime the parallel M11/Nll road is saturated with traffic.

So many simple solutions to simple problems. But always beyond the wherewithal of State bodies.

– Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.