Good Friday drink laws


Madam, - Judge Mary Fahy deserves great praise for her liberal and perfectly logical judgment regarding what she called the "ludicrous and ridiculous" prosecutions brought by Galway gardaí against nine restaurants for serving wine on Good Friday ( The Irish Times, September 10th).

This religiously inspired medieval law should be scrapped forthwith. - Yours, etc,


Carraig Eoin,


Co Cork.

Madam, — The comments of Judge Mary Fahy, criticising laws banning the sale of alcohol on Good Friday, are astounding. Even more amazing is that the judge refused to apply the law and record convictions against people who had demonstrably broken it.

Since when is it the responsibility of judges of the District Court to criticise and refuse to implement acts of the Oireachtas? Are we to live in a state where judges pick and choose the laws which, in their opinion, are worth applying? - Yours, etc,



Dublin 8.