Sir, - In the course of an analysis of the current political scene (December 13th), your Chief Political Correspondent asserted that the PDs were the only mainstream Dail party "untouched" by Dunnes Stores donations. Your correspondent apparently implies that Democratic Left, being a Government partner of a mainstream Dail party by any standards, was one of those parties "on the take" from Dunnes. The wisdom of such an inference must, be disputed.

Would Ben Dunne give substantial financial support to a political party that campaigns for a national minimum wage and better pay and conditions for low-paid and part-time workers? Democratic Left, as anyone interested in Irish politics realises, is utterly opposed to exploitation and aims to free people from poverty. Would a political party like, that be attractive to the Ben Dunnes of this world?

Maybe sometime The Irish Times will investigate who, or what, funds the Progressive Democrats? In the meantime, it's reasonable to assume that the only money Democratic Left will seek from the Ben Dunnes of this world is the amount of tax they should pay, in addition to the levels of pay and conditions their employees deserve. - Yours etc.


Lismore Lawn, Waterford.