Sir, We were pleased to hear the recent announcements concerning the proposed light rail transit system, which we have been advocating for many years. There are a number of points we would like to make in relation to the routes and other matters;

First, we would have liked to see the whole system, including the Ballymun/airport line, included in phase one. We would be a little suspicious that postponing the line until after 2000 may mean not building it at all.

Second, we were pleased to read the letter by Olivia Mitchell (December 20th) clarifying that the Dundrum line will end opposite Crazy Prices on Sandyford Road, and not at the Taney Road/Dundrum Road junction. This is clearly a better position for the terminus and its associated car park. The traffic problem in Dundrum, how ever, is terrible and will get worse when the Southern Cross motorway opens.

The terminus of the Dundrum line will only add to this problem, as people from outside the area will want to drive and park near the station. It would make much more sense to us to end the line at the Sandyford industrial estate, where it may be possible to put in place a large park and ride scheme.

Finally, we are glad to see that the trams will have a dedicated right of way, as this should result in a reliable service which will en courage drivers to leave their cars and use the system. Motorists are less likely to make full use of a service based on articulated buses, which are seen as an better alternative to light rail by some people. - Yours, etc.,