Donald Trump’s race for the White House


Sir, – I find it shocking that you would print a letter from Dan Donovan (February 12th) in which he calls Donald Trump someone “who performs like an over-caffeinated buffoon”.

Mr Trump is no idiot, and many of the points he has made have resonated with the public, who are sick and tired of the current political class. Mr Trump has called for a temporary ban on Islamic immigration, something which poll after poll in both Europe as well as the US has shown the vast majority of the people want. Mr Trump has called for an end to illegal immigration and the defending of his country’s borders, something the populations of Europe and the US have demanded. If it were not for Mr Trump, none of these topics would even be up for debate. Mr Trump has already indicated that he would be able to normalise relations with Vladimir Putin and get rid of the insane deal Barack Obama has made with Iran so it can develop its nuclear bomb.

To travel through the US now is to see many once great cities fall apart under the Obama administration, such as Chicago and Baltimore. The topics of concern under the Obama administration are issues such as transphobia and climate change, which indicate a failure to grasp the realities of the world we live in. Under Mr Obama, the US has weakened its relationships with its long-term allies, and empowered its enemies. Mr Trump understands this, the voters understand this, and in time people like Mr Donovan will surely understand this. – Yours, etc,


Causeway Bay,

Hong Kong.

Sir, – Someone asked me what I thought about Donald Trump. I replied, take away the “T”. – Yours, etc,



Co Mayo.

Sir, – Should he lose the Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump should go into the oil business. He’s slick and he’s crude. – Yours, etc,



North Carolina.