Constitution and the role of women


Sir, – As we prepare for a referendum on the constitutional role of women, we should use the opportunity to enhance the very real and necessary role of women in producing the next generation, and enshrine that in the Constitution.

Women are increasingly, at last, being recognised as equal to men in the workplace and in society (with the exception of the Catholic Church), but they have a unique role that is above all else – that of bearing children.

This additional role and status, for women who choose it, must be particularly recognised and supported in a meaningful way by the State.

This should include publicly promoting an appreciation for this role, and provide supports for all mothers at home and at work. It should include generous financial grants at birth, and guaranteed accommodation (for those who need it) to give dignity and security to both mother and child.

The days of women being made to feel guilty about being pregnant in the workplace are not gone yet, and this unacceptable reality needs to be consigned to history.

Other countries have recognised this precious role of women, particularly the ones who fear falling population, and we can ensure the population of Ireland by planning the right strategy now. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 3.