Cannabis and mental health


A chara, – I refer to your article on the opinion of the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland regarding the impact of cannabis use on young people’s mental health (“Cannabis ‘gravest threat’ to mental health of young people”, News, May 4th).

The statistics surrounding over-run psychiatric services were admittedly frightening, but the psychiatrists seem to posit that cannabis is the root cause of the mental anguish of these young people.

As a fully employed millennial, I would hazard a guess that the crippling housing crisis, climate change, the gig economy, the laughable health service, official greed, despair for the future and the constant preaching of supposed “wisdom” from previous, wealthier generations are a greater source of anxiety and depression in young people.

The article makes no reference to repeated evidence from developed counties that have legalised, regulated and taxed cannabis that such legislation actually results in fewer underage users. – Is mise,


Baile Átha Cliath 16.