Bus corridor in College Green


Madam, – As a motorcyclist who commutes into the city centre every day I would like to protest at the banning of motorcycles from the new bus corridor at College Green while allowing pushbikes to access the restricted area.

I wonder why Dublin City Council considers pushbikes as an acceptable form of private transport while motorcycles seemingly are not?

A motorcycle takes up roughly the same amount of space as a pushbike. A motorcycle will traverse the bus corridor in at least the same time as a pushbike, if not considerably faster. The number of motorcycles that would pass through the corridor during the restriction hours is not likely to cause any significant time delay for buses.

There are many cities throughout the world where motorcycles are considered an acceptable form of alternative transport to the car and their use is encouraged. On previous occasions where movement restrictions have been introduced in Dublin, motorcycles have not been including in those bans. Therefore it seems baffling that they should be on this occasion.

I would like somebody in Dublin City Council to explain the logic (if any) of excluding motorcycles from the area. – Yours, etc,


Greencastle Road,

Dublin 17.