An emigrant's right to vote?


Madam, – Tony McCoy O’Grady (November 29th) favours the concept “no representation without taxation”. As a retired public servant now living in the UK, I pay taxes on my pension to the Irish Government. Should I therefore be entitled to a vote? The writer asks the question “what earns an emigrant the right to vote on matters which will most likely never affect them?”

I would suggest one fundamental matter – the possibility, should one wish it, of returning one day to live in Ireland. I was born in Ireland and lived there for 60 years. Both my sons emigrated in the early 1990s in search of work and I have now joined them to help to support them as they raise their young families. The possibility of any of us returning home is increasingly remote.

I care passionately about my country. Ireland is home. Where I happen to live at the moment has nothing to do with it. I grieve for the next wave of young educated emigrants from Ireland and their parents who will cry at the airports. I know the feeling.

I dream of a government of integrity, values and vision which will build a new Ireland and give us hope. I would like to contribute – with my vote. – Yours, etc,


Samor Way,


Oxfordshire, England.