‘Genocide’ and international law

The International Criminal Court

Sir, – While Ray Murphy explored why the strict definition of genocide makes a conviction difficult, there is a much more obvious problem to dragging Israel before the International Criminal Court (“What does the term genocide mean in international law”?, Opinion & Analysis, November 20th).

Neither Israel nor the United States are signatories to the “Rome Statute” that established it and governs its sphere of influence.

Binyamin Netanyahu is no more at risk of prosecution than Bashar al-Assad for gassing his civilian population in Syria or Vladimir Putin for destroying Mariupol.

In calling for International Criminal Court referrals (and an ambassador’s ejection), Sinn Féin and the Social Democrats are just indulging in populism and gesture politics.


More mature parties will look for a more meaningful contribution to getting the hostages released and humanitarian aid in.– Is mise,



Co Donegal.

Sir, – The Government is engaged in the serious business of international diplomacy.

The opposition is engaged in the populist, outraged protest of student politics.

This tragic conflict requires serious politics! – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.