Welsh see Ireland as role model


WELSH nationalists have taken Ireland as their role model in a new campaign for self-government.

Plaid Cymru has claimed Ireland's outstanding economic success in Europe is the best model for the future of Wales - the one most likely to appeal to voters in the British general election.

The party president, Mr Dafydd Wigley MP, condemned Labour's proposals for a Welsh assembly as a "talking shop" with no law-making or tax-raising powers.

"Ireland has the fastest growing economy in the EU. Self-government with full national status in the EU is without doubt the one which will bring the greatest benefit to the people of Wales," he said.

"We hope this option will be included on the referendum ballot paper from any incoming Labour government - it would be a farce if it wasn't there."

Mr Wigley claimed the Welsh economy had been held back and living standards reduced because of incompetent London-based government.

"We need a Welsh parliament with full power to legislate and allocate all public spending, with an independent representative to the European Council of Ministers.

The party claimed the economic benefits of self-government were shown by Ireland's 5 per cent growth rate and the £478 of EU support given per head of population. In the UK it was £47 a head.