Suspect held over axe murder of black teen


BRITAIN: British police arrested a man on suspicion of murder yesterday in their hunt for the killers of a black teenager left with an axe in his skull following a racist attack in Liverpool.

Anthony Walker (18), a local college student, was attacked by a gang of three or four men, just minutes after he had been taunted with racial abuse while waiting for a bus with his girlfriend and a male relative on Friday night. "Merseyside Police have arrested an 18-year-old man from Huyton on suspicion of the murder of Anthony Walker," a police spokesman said.

Detectives said Mr Walker had been abused by a man wearing a hooded top as he waited with his 17-year-old white girlfriend and a relative at a bus stop in Huyton.

They did not respond and moved away through a park when the gang attacked him.

The girlfriend and the relative, also 17, ran to get help. When they returned they found the victim slumped on the ground. He had suffered serious head injuries and later died in hospital.

His sister pleaded for information about the attack.

"We need to find out who did this to my little brother," Dominique Walker told reporters.

"He blessed so many lives in such a unique way. His life was stolen from him. His family, friends, all these people here are devastated."

Police called the murder a "despicable act" and vowed to catch the killers.

Knowsley South MP Eddie O'Hara called it a "cowardly, cold-blooded, merciless" murder.