Soldier shot two men dead minutes RUC left


THE RUC is carrying out a "full and thorough investigation" after an off duty member of the Royal Irish Regiment shot dead two men, wounded his girlfriend, and then killed himself, just 20 minutes after the RUC had investigated a death threat at a house in Belfast.

Geoffrey Anderson (35) shot dead William Doherty (28) and David Martin (33), both from the Annadale area, at the home of Ms Gina Blair in Robina Street, in the Tiger's Bay area in the north of the city.

Ms Blair, a mother of four in her mid 20s, survived a gunshot wound to the head and was described as "critical but stable" in hospital. Anderson, who was firing his legally hold handgun, then shot himself dead.

Ms Blair's children, who were upstairs asleep during the shooting, were uninjured. Her uncle said the family was devastated.

Ms Blair and her boyfriend had been arguing at a local social club earlier. He was thrown out when he became aggressive. He then made a threatening telephone call to her home, where her brother, Jackie, and his girlfriend were baby sitting.

He said that he would kill every body in the house. The couple rang the RUC and constables called to the house. By the time the police arrived, Ms Blair is believed to have returned to the house with two men and two women friends.

The RUC talked to her for half an hour, offered advice, and left. However, her boyfriend arrived at the house 20 minutes later, kicked in the door and opened fire with a handgun.

He shot Ms Blair first, wounding her in the cheek. She fell to the ground and he then opened fire on the two men, killing them.

The RIR man then shot himself. He was a full time member of the regiment and was off duty at the time. There were unconfirmed reports that he was stationed in Omagh, Co Tyrone.

Ms Blair's brother, his girlfriend and the two other women present escaped injury.