Government expels TD after Ceann Comhairle row

Labour’s Michael McNamara complains about guillotining of legislation in Dáil

Labour TD, Michael Mcnamara has been ejected from the Dáil after a heated argument with the Ceann Comhairle over the International Development Bill.


The Government was forced to vote for the expulsion of one of its backbenchers following a heated Dáil row.

Labour TD Michael McNamara refused to resume his seat on Wednesday when ordered to do so by Ceann Comhairle Seán Barrett.

Mr McNamara complained about the guillotining of legislation during the Order of Business.

“The Government promised a number of reforms, including not using the guillotine,’’ said Mr McNamara.

Mr Barrett said the issue was not relevant to the Order of Business and urged Mr McNamara to show respect for the House.

“I have every respect for the House,’’ replied Mr McNamara.

Mr Barrett repeated Mr McNamara was totally out of order and ordered him to leave the chamber, urging him not to make a “show’’ of himself.

“I am not making a show of myself,’’ he replied.

Mr Barrett then called a vote on Mr McNamara’s expulsion, and it was carried by 65 votes to 43, with the Opposition voting against it.