MALAWI's former "life president" Hastings Kamuzu Banda danced before 10,000 supporters in a birthday celebration in the commercial capital, Blantyre, at the weekend, confounding medical reports of his frail health.

Banda, believed to be aged 96, was pronounced too ill to stand trial last year on charges of plotting to murder four dissident politicians in 1983. He was acquitted in absentia of all charges last December.

He was prime minister when Malawi gained its independence from Britain in 1964, became president in 1966 and proclaimed himself president for life in 1971. But he lost the presidency to Bakili Muluzi in democratic polls in 1994.

The first statue on French soil of British D Day landings leader, Field Marshal Viscount Bernard Montgomery, is to be unveiled soon. The Normandy Veterans' Association said the monument would be officially unveiled on June 6th at the small beach town of Colleville Montgomery. It will mark the 52nd anniversary of the invasion which proved the beginning of the end of the second World War in Europe and ended Nazi occupation of France.

A "Who killed President Kennedy?" conference is to be held in Britain to explore the latest evidence being released from US government archives on the assassination that shook the world 33 years ago.

Top experts on John F. Kennedy's death are to gather in a hotel in Liverpool at the end of July, organisers said yesterday.

James Hewill's TV interview about his relationship with the Princess of Wales is to be shown in Britain this week. Cable station Live TV said yesterday it had secured exclusive British rights to the interview, in which Hewitt said Diana's love was ball encompassing and fulfilling".