Lyons brother calls for protest against murderers


THE BROTHER of Mr Ian Lyons, shot dead on New Year's Day in Lurgan, Co Armagh has, called on the whole community to stand up to his murderers.

Mr Raymond Lyons asked why, the murderers were continuing if there was a ceasefire. He also spoke of the hurt and suffering caused to his family.

Mr Lyons was shot as he sat in his car beside his girlfriend, Ms Sheena McAlinden, by a group, calling themselves Direct Action Against Drugs.

"The people in the community will have to stand up to these murderers and let them know the people are not afraid, of them," Mr Lyons, lans only brother, said

"My brother's main interest in life was his motorbikes. He loved his son, Nathan . .. It was a testament of his popularity the huge number of young people who, attended his funeral," he said.

"Why did people take it upon themselves to murder him? Why did they not give him a warning? Why did they not give him a chance to change from what they alleged he was doing?

"If they had evidence to back up their claims and had given it to the police and he had been found guilty of what they accused him of and was brought to court and convicted, what sentence would he have received then? No more than a couple of years in jail.

"Who has given these cowards the right to pass a death sentence on anyone? What would they think if the relatives and friends of people they have murdered" formed their own organisation and called it Direct Action Against Murderers?" he asked.

Mr Lyons said: "Who has really suffered over Ian's death? Not Ian but his girlfriend Sheena, his mother, his sisters and me, and possibly in the future his son Nathan.

"If there really is a cessation of violence, why are the murders continuing?"