FG calls for tougher measures on deaths in the workplace


Stronger measures must be taken by the Government to tackle the alarming rise in the number of workplace fatalities, according to Fine Gael frontbench social and family affairs David Stanton.

"In 2004, 49 workers lost their lives through workplace accidents but this year has seen that number take a massive jump to 68," he said in a statement.

"The increase in fatalities in certain sectors is particularly worrying. The construction industry has seen a huge rise of over 50 per cent in fatalities, with 23 workers losing their lives in 2005 compared to 15 in 2004.

"Between 2003 and 2004, the number of workplace fatalities actually dropped from 67 to 49, and it is incredibly disturbing that this year has seen a return to the unacceptably high level of previous years," Mr Stanton said.

"It is clear that previous measures introduced are not effective enough, and the enterprise Minister must consider bringing forward extra proposals to tackle this crisis."

Mr Stanton said Minister for Enterprise Micheál Martin must also consider strengthening health and safety legislation. "Death in the workplace is never acceptable and I call on the Minister to utilise all resources available to him," Mr Stanton said.