Corrigan denies knowing IRA man


SMITHWICK TRIBUNAL:Former Garda detective sergeant Owen Corrigan said yesterday he did not know Patsy O’Callaghan who was described at the tribunal as “a main player in the Provisional IRA”.

He also told the tribunal he had never met a second IRA man, Patrick Blair, although he described Mr Blair as a “loyal” member of the IRA who would not divulge information to security services.

Mr Corrigan said he respected Mr Blair for being loyal to his associates but he thought less of an undercover agent within the IRA, Peter Keeley, who provided the British army with information.

Richard Smyth, for Mr Keeley, told Mr Corrigan his views displayed “anti-British sentiment” and his views on “grasses” and “touts” were remarkably similar to those of Mr Blair and the IRA.

Later a former inspector from Dundalk Dan Prenty said he would be “shocked” if Mr Corrigan did not know Patsy O’Callaghan. He “would have been fingerprinted and photographed and there would have been a file on him in Dundalk station”.

The tribunal resumes on Monday.