Cork girl (4) being treated in US 'clear of cancer'


DOCTORS TREATING a four-year-old girl for a rare brain tumour which had spread to her spine have told her family she is “clear of cancer”.

Megan Malone, from Kilnamartyra near Macroom, Co Cork, was diagnosed with the rare condition last October and given weeks to live by doctors in Ireland.

Eight months after she started chemotherapy treatment in New York, experts in Boston have told John and Sheila Malone that their daughter is “visually cancer-free”.

The youngster still requires radiotherapy treatment in Boston, which will last another six weeks.

After moving from New York to Boston last week, the Malones learned on Friday that Megan’s most recent CT scan showed no signs of cancer, while a noticeable difference between her last two MRI scans had also been found.

Issues believed to have been dead cancer cells or scar tissue appeared on a scan last month.

A delighted Ms Malone said: “There is now no tumour visible in Megan’s MRI and CT scans in either her brain or spine.”

The final estimated cost of Megan’s treatment in New York has been negotiated downwards from $1,150,000 (€792,000) to $850,000 (€585,000). This is to be paid by an anonymous donor.