Biography says Robinson backs limited abortion law


The former president, Mrs Mary Robinson, has called for abortion to be available here in limited circumstances, according to her official biography, to be published this week.

According to Mary Robinson, an authorised biography by Olivia O'Leary and Helen Burke, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights says legislation for abortion in Ireland would be preferable to the present situation where Irish women are forced to seek abortions overseas.

"It would be a kind of coming to terms with the problem instead of exporting it and moralising it," Mrs Robinson is quoted as saying.

In the same section she says: "Even for a country that regrets and feels a great sense of loss at the termination of life, it would be a preferable situation."

On access to abortion services, Mrs Robinson says she would only make abortion available "in limited circumstances".

The Pro-Life Campaign said Mrs Robinson's call to legalise abortion flew in the face of recent polls showing over 70 per cent opposition to legalising abortion in all circumstances.

As Commissioner for Human Rights Mrs Robinson should defend basic human rights the campaign said in a statement last night and added that her office was supposed to be above national politics.