Appeal by parents of baby born without eyes


THE PARENTS of a boy born without eyes due to a rare congenital condition desperately need to raise at least €300,000 to fund a series of surgeries in Germany for the child over the next seven years.

Six months old Jacob Nowak was born with anophthalmos, a very rare condition affecting only one in 100,000 children. He had developed no optical nerves or eyeballs and his parents were told he would never be able to see.

However, Mariusz and Wiola Nowak (both 29), who live in Millstreet, Co Cork, said there is treatment available involving the insertion of eye expanders to stimulate orbital growth and ocular prostheses that would mean their child would at least have a normal appearance.

For full details of the Nowak’s fundraising efforts for Jacob or if you would like to donate towards his treatment, go to