Women on the Verge of HRT


Marie Jones's popular comedy, directed primarily at women but also available to men, is revived at the Gaiety with a new cast. It strikes a common chord for females of all ages, whose laughter is clearly that of recognition. And their mirth is unrestrained whenever the two words embodying its theme are spoken, usually in hushed undertones; the change.

Anna and Vera are on pilgrimage to Daniel O'Donnell's home town, a local metaphor for the more universal one of Shangri La. They will not give up the fight, will not be written out of the book of romance and fulfilment just yet. In the magic of their surroundings, and helped by a hotel waiter with a difference, they live to fight another day.

Eileen Pollock and Helen Madden are excellent as the two women, one with an indifferent husband and the other with a broken marriage behind her. Their lives differ in many ways, but their cause is common. Dessie Gallagher is hilarious in the many contrasting roles he is required to adopt, including a raid into the audience as the great D O'D himself.

It is all very good, pointed fun, well delivered by the new team, again directed by Pam Brighton.

Runs until July 10th; booking at 01-6771717