Size matters - to the Miniature Book Society


SMALL PRINT:IF YOU’RE WONDERING whether the best things come in small packages, you might want to head along to the Miniature Book Society’s annual conference in Dublin this week. Miniature books from the 19th century until the present day will be exhibited at the Davenport Hotel in Dublin 2 as part of a series of events.

The Miniature Book Society’s conclave ( will be hosting origami workshops, book swaps, a silent auction, talks, and two book fairs, one private and one open to the public, in the Davenport Hotel from 11am until 4pm on Sunday. Also in attendance will be Miniature Book Society president Mark Palkovic who owns what is officially the world’s smallest book, The Chameleon, a Chekhov short story measuring 0.9mm by 0.9mm – pretty much the same size as a large grain of salt.

Founded 28 years ago, the Miniature Book Society is a non-profit organisation concerned with all things relating to publications small in size, but large in significance. Miniature books were popular around the late 19th century and tend to be no larger than three inches in width, height and thickness. They became relatively commonplace as printing, ink and paper became more expensive.

If you’re planning to attend, pack a magnifying glass– and a wallet.