Finding Furry’s Family

By 2nd Class, St Francis Junior National School, Priorswood, Dublin 17. Illustration by Ping-Shi Kao


One day, a fantastic fox named Furry was in the forest. When he was walking in the forest, Furry met another fox named Chloe.

Chloe and Furry were rare marble foxes. Furry was carrying his teddy with him.

“I wish I had a family,”said Furry.

“I hope you find your true love when you find your family,” replied Chloe.

So they set off to find Furry’s family. They found themselves inside a cave, where there were a lot of traps!

There were lots of snakes on the ground when they were walking past. They were big green snakes! One of the snakes was a big huge python. He was on top of a rock and he seemed to be controlling all the other snakes.

Chloe and Furry were scared and terrified. They jumped with fear and began to dig in the ground for their lives.

“Wait a second,” said Chloe. “We should stop panicking because snakes are used to their prey running. We should just walk out of here. Then they will leave us alone, if they think we are other predators.”

“Good idea!” said Furry. “Okay, let’s do that.”

So the two friends dug their way out of the cave, passing by some baby snakes on the way. Chloe and Furry were really happy to get out of the cave and they wagged their tails.

Back in the forest Chloe spotted some footprints in the mud. They looked like her footprints except they were bigger.

They were really curious and wondered did these footprints belong to Furry’s family.

“They look like my Dad’s footprints,” said Furry. He was very excited.

“Okay, let’s follow them and see where they lead,” replied Chloe.

They made their way to the end of the track but suddenly the footprints disappeared.

Just then they saw something moving in a bush! The leaves were shaking. Furry crept up to the bush, he was feeling excited.

There was a noise coming from the bush – they heard loud stamps.

“Hmm, I don’t know what this is . . .” said Furry.

“It could be your family!” said Chloe, peeking into the bush.

The branches and the leaves were so thick it was impossible to see what was inside. All Chloe and Furry could see was a little bit of red fur moving by.

All of a sudden, a big brown fox popped out, and on his back he carried two little foxcubs. Behind him the mother fox came out and she had another two newborn cubs.

For a minute, the Dad fox stared at Furry.

“Is that you Furry?” asked the mother fox.

“Mother, it is me! I’ve been searching for you for ages!” Furry’s heart was beating real fast. He was so happy. His teddy bear even jumped up and said “Hurrah!”

Furry said “This is Chloe, she helped me find you. And who are these little cubs?”

The Dad fox said “These are your brothers and sisters. They are quadruplets! Their names are Chloe and Zoe, and Lee and Leo!”

“That’s my name!” said Chloe. “Maybe that baby will take after me! Well, I guess I should go now . . .”

“Wait!” said Furry, “You can stay with us!”

The family all had dinner together to celebrate being back with each other. And the foxes lived happily ever after.