Man charged over threats to public with knife at Parnell Square

Oisin Peavoy (38) is remanded in custody after allegedly threatening a woman with a baby and two busloads of children in north Dublin city

A man who allegedly threatened a woman with a baby and two busloads of young children in Dublin while armed with a knife has been remanded in custody after a judge held he was a “danger to the public in his present state”.

Oisin Peavoy (38), who resides at an apartment building on Granby Row, Dublin 1, was arrested following an incident on Tuesday morning. A court was told witnesses heard upset children saying “we are going to die” during the incident.

He was charged with four offences, including two counts under weapons legislation for the production of a knife at Gardiner Street and Parnell Square in the north inner city.

The other two charges are under the Public Order Act for threatening, abusive, or insulting words and behaviour at the two locations.


He was brought to Mountjoy Garda station, where he declined the offer of legal representation.

Mr Peavoy was charged and held pending his appearance before Judge Gerard Jones at Dublin District Court on Wednesday.

Solicitor Tracy Horan told the judge the man’s family had approached her for assistance, and it had been suggested he would be remanded in custody for a psychiatric assessment.

Det Gda Paul Griffin told the court he intended to object to bail, and Mr Peavoy insisted he would represent himself.

The court heard Mr Peavoy’s replies to two charges were: “I object, I have evidence that this is not true.” He also answered, “I object” and “this is the only one that is somewhat lawful”.

Outlining the evidence, Det Gda Griffin said that it was alleged the accused was armed with a knife.

The weapon was handed into court, in a protective casing, for the judge to inspect.

When the judge asked if there had been “any public danger,” the detective replied: “Yes.”

He said at 8.42am, the accused brandished a knife at Parnell Square and then, while acting erratically and aggressively, threatened a woman with her baby telling her to “f**k off”.

“This was totally unprovoked,” he said, adding that there was a coach full of creche children, which the accused blocked with his hands outstretched. The court heard the children saw him and became “hysterical”, and two of them were allegedly overheard saying, “we’re going to die”.

The second incident was 35 minutes later, when the accused allegedly brandished the knife at Gardiner Street. It was claimed he went up to a bus carrying schoolchildren, but the driver closed the doors.

It was alleged the accused “stared at the driver and pointed at the knife in a sheath in his belt in a clear attempt to intimidate the driver”.

The court heard the children were aged six to 12 years.

In court, Mr Peavoy initially denied his name, made reference to a “king’s army” recognising the court, wanting “The Hague here” and he cited the legal authority of EU.

Judge Jones said he could not force the accused to have a solicitor to act on his behalf.

Remanding him in custody, he added, “this man is a danger to himself and to the public in his present state, the children involved.”

He praised the gardaí and actions of the bus drivers who protected the children.

Mr Peavoy will appear again at Cloverhill District Court on June 5th via video link. The judge directed medical attention in custody.