IDA-backed firms create 5,000 jobs


Some 5,000 new jobs were announced by client companies of the IDA, the state agency charged with encouraging international investment in Ireland, in the first six months of this year.

The 5,000 jobs announced are in a range of sectors including IT, lifesciences, digital media and international financial services. Among the companies announcing the largest projects were PayPal, Apple and Mylan.

IDA’s 2011 Annual Report, released today, shows there are now almost 146,000 people working directly in over 1,000 IDA client companies.

Last year saw the creation of over 13,000 new jobs with the best net jobs increase since 2002 of over 6,000.

 “A key part of the Government’s plan for jobs and growth is deepening and developing the impact of foreign direct investment here. In 2011 and in the first half of 2012 we have seen a very strong flow of investment and jobs from multinational companies, with large investments from major companies like PayPal, Sky, Mylan, Apple and Eli Lilly,” Minister for Jobs Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton said.

IDA CEO Barry O’Leary said: "There are challenging headwinds facing IDA and Ireland with little growth in European demand, moderate growth in the US and a slowdown in the economies of China and India. Due to a lack of domestic demand and budget deficits many countries are ramping up their attempts to attract inward investment".