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James Duffy’s   publications catered to the burgeoning Catholic middle class in the middle decades of the 19th century

Ireland has a long and rich publishing history and among those who stand out in that history is James Duffy, who died 150 years ago on July 4th. “Judg(...)

Donal McCann: You just need to know that he was here. And he was remarkable

I never saw Diego Maradona play football. I never saw Nijinsky dance. And I never saw Miles Davis play the horn. But baby, I saw Donal McCann act. S(...)

Revisiting Juno and the Paycock: Joe Dowling  rehearsing Seán O’Casey’s play with cast members at the Guthrie Theater. Photograph: Joan Marcus

Joe Dowling is standing in front of one of the Guthrie Theater’s three stages, in Minneapolis, giving notes to Mark Benninghofen, the American actor w(...)