German finance minister Olaf Scholz and his French counterpart Bruno Le Maire agreed the terms of the proposal. Photograph: EPA

The Department of Finance has played down moves by France and Germany to advance plans for a common corporation tax regime across the euro zone, a mov(...)

We have to be careful that the construction sector “doesn’t distort the overall balance of the economy in the way that it did in the lead-up to 2007”, said economist Martina Lawless. Photograph: Alan Betson

There’s a catch-22 at the heart of the Irish economy that’s not easily resolved. If there is a big supply response to the current housing crisis, as i(...)

AIB is one of the institutions that could fare the worst if the PAC’s plans for a sunset clause on losses is introduced. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

Encouraging domestic and EU ownership of Irish property is among an Oireachtas committee’s suggestions for dealing with the “unacceptable level of ris(...)

The European Commission’s Berlaymont building. Brussels is pushing for a shake-up of European tax rules to standardise the way corporation tax is calculated in a bid to clampdown on corporate tax avoidance. Photograph: Jasper Juinen/Bloomberg

The European Commission is proposing to fund a significant part of its next budget through the proposed Consolidated Common Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB)(...)

In 2007, Ahern pointed out that unemployment was at 4.2 per cent, while gross domestic product had grown by 5.3 per cent the year before.  Photograph: David Sleator

One of former taoiseach Bertie Ahern’s most infamous remarks came in Bundoran, Co Donegal, in July 2007 when he criticised the economic naysayers of t(...)

Ireland’s debt burden is still among the highest in the OECD, says the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council

The Irish economy is not yet overheating, but the Government should avoid unnecessary spending in this year’s budget, an independent advisory body sai(...)

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar meeting  British prime minister Theresa May on May 17th on the sidelines of an EU and Western Balkan heads-of-state summit in Sofia, Bulgaria. Photograph: AP Photo

We’re just over a month away now from a key European Council summit at which the UK must present a way to avoid a hard border between the Republic and(...)

Commercial stamp duty was increased in budget 2018 in an effort to rebalance activity in favour of residential activity that is required. Photograph: iStock

The move to raise commercial stamp duty in the last budget had a sound basis but longer-term analysis is needed to examine its sustainability, an Oire(...)

'We are unsure what type of Brexit the UK wants and, depending on the final EU-UK relationship, we are unsure as to how the Irish economy will react.'

Over nearly 30 years, with colleagues in the ESRI, we published regular assessments of Ireland’s economic prospects in the medium term. A continuing p(...)

What would be the basic goals of the rainy day fund? To smooth out economic ups and downs? Or would it be a piggy bank only to be smashed open in an emergency?

There is a long tradition of interviews with the Taoiseach and senior Government Ministers over the Christmas period. This year a key message from the(...)

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