In 2003, Chuck Feeney signed off on a decision to spend all of his fortune in his lifetime. “Giving while living,” he called it.

Chuck Feeney today is a man of no property. He and his wife Helga live in a modest rented apartment in San Francisco. He has no car or luxuries of any(...)

Oleandri is   in the grounds of Springfield House around which the Kilternan Hotel complex was built

In a countryside location that has everything – forest and valley, the Dublin foothills, its own thriving gardens and urban facilities a short drive a(...)

The Kilternan Hotel in south Co Dublin was sold last year to the Comer Group for about €7 million. Photograph: Eric Luke

An exercise pool for horses is in a planning application lodged by the new owners of the Kilternan Hotel in south Co Dublin. The partially rebu(...)

Hugh O’Regan. Irish Nationwide put up funding of €171.5 million to realise the dream of the developer for the Kilternan site, only for the collapse of his empire in August 2009 to be one of the first significant casualties of the financial implosion. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

If ever there was a poster child for the excesses of the Celtic Tiger, it was the Kilternan Hotel & Country Club.One of 134 hotels whose related l(...)

The Kilternan Hotel & Country Club in south Dublin,  on which €171.5 million from Irish Nationwide was spent before the collapse of the property market. Photograph: Eric Luke

The partially built Kilternan Hotel & Country Club in south Dublin is to be completed and operated by the Comer Group after being acquired at a kn(...)

The Kilternan Hotel and Golf Resort project: Most visitors to the 16,435sq m (176,903sq ft) complex are spending up to two hours inspecting the partially completed hotel, sports centre, apart hotel and the extensive acreage.    Photograph: Eric Luke

Irish investors have outnumbered overseas interests by three to one on inspection tours of the Kilternan Hotel and Country Club which is for sa(...)

The unfinished Kilternan Hotel and Golf Resort at the foothills of Dublin mountains. photograph: eric luke

Nama has finally moved to sell the Kilternan Hotel and Country Club in south Dublin despite fears it could(...)