Shoppers admit to in-store temptation

Report finds consumers want a more ‘welcoming’ supermarket environment

Coca-Cola is one of the major brands to use in-store trolley advertising

Coca-Cola is one of the major brands to use in-store trolley advertising

Thu, Jul 31, 2014, 01:15

If you’re susceptible to in-store advertising – such as floor graphics, trolley ads and aisle banners – when you visit the supermarket, you are not alone.

Four in 10 of the shoppers surveyed on behalf of retail marketing specialists Visualise said it was the most relevant way for brands to advertise their messages to them.

This was followed by television, which was cited by 29 per cent as the best way to get their attention, with online, radio and press trailing in their wake.

And here’s one for the likes of Musgrave chief executive Chris Martin and new Tesco plc boss “Drastic” Dave Lewis: seven in 10 shoppers said they wanted retailers to make supermarkets more welcoming, with decor improvements and better customer service on their wish lists.

The Shopper Nation 2014 report, for which 1,025 grocery shoppers were questioned, suggests consumers think supermarkets, rather than just selling food, should make more of an effort to get involved in food culture.

There will never not be demand for more in-store samples. But eight in 10 shoppers would also like to see supermarkets stock recipe leaflets on shelves, with the report pointing to support for displays that group together recipe ingredients and the installation of meal “inspiration” touchscreens.