RISING_WEB Priceless Easter Rising footage made available online

Seminal events in Irish history among 85,000 films in British Pathé archive on YouTube

Viking fans in full regalia engage in  mock hand-to-hand combat at one of several re-enactments of the Battle of Clontrarf at a festival in St Anne’s Park at the weekend. Photograph: Aidan Crawley Slaying, knitting, musical Vikings: Beware!

St Anne’s Park was invaded by Viking fans re-enacting the Battle of Clontarf

Goldsmiths Se O’Donoghue and Lee Harding of Da Capo jewellers unveil the Brian Boru millennium crown  at Dublin Castle yesterday. Photograph: Dave Meehan Brian Ború remembered 1,000 years on as Clontarf gets ready for re-enactments

The former high king of Ireland is still a revered historical figure