View of the Ros Goill Gaeltacht area,  Co Donegal. Photographer: Dara Mac Dónaill Irish in crisis – we need a New Deal to revitalise the language

‘We need to address the crisis of Irish in its native-speaking community – now marginalised to be merely court jesters to the cultural dominance of English’

The John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC, where a three-week festival, Ireland 100: Celebrating a Century of Irish Arts and Culture, will take place next year. Photograph: Getty Images Charlie Flanagan: Why the Rising commemorations will be a global event

‘Ireland in 1916 was. as it is now, a global island, a nation that both reflected and was engaged in the bigger international issues of the day’

‘The EU has been slow to act in introducing a similar law that specifically protects a worker’s genetic information.’ Photograph: Getty Images Would you be willing to reveal your genetic code to your employer?

A landmark US ruling contrasts with slow pace of genetic testing legislation in Europe

Migrants try to  board lorries bound for the United Kingdom in Calais this week. Photograph: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images Fintan O’Toole: Us and them – the two faces of migration

‘Migration is the world’s way of reminding the West that it cannot distance itself from the human catastrophes it has unleashed’

Taoiseach  Enda Kenny arrives at the EU Council headquarters at the start of a European Union leaders summit in Brussels, June 26th. Photograph: Reuters/Eric Vidal Stephen Collins: The Greek effect – how Greece has become part of Irish politics

‘Fianna Fáil appears stranded in no man’s land’

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras leaves the EU Council headquarters after a European Union leaders summit in Brussels on Friday, June 26th. Photograph:  Reuters/Philippe Wojazer Cliff Taylor: A tale of two economies – could Greece learn from Ireland?

‘Greece’s creditors’ insistence on discussing structural reforms and picking at the details of more austerity is as bizarre as the Greek government’s risky tactics’

“In the US, philanthropy – which literally means ‘love of mankind’ – is seen as a way of participating directly in solving society’s ills and needs.” Photograph: Getty Regulator and new website will help make charities more transparent

‘In Ireland some commentators claim philanthropy has an unhealthy influence on public policy decisions. This is more paranoia than reality’

The Easter Rising was the seminal moment in Irish history. Photograph: Gareth Chaney Collins James Connolly Heron: Why we should pay tribute to the 1916 leaders

‘In honouring everybody in general, we commemoratate nobody in particular’

Protection needs to be extended to younger women in dating relationships. Photograph: Getty Images Ireland fails to protect human rights of women affected by domestic violence

‘A specific offence of stalking should be introduced in Irish law, with a comprehensive but not exhaustive definition, including new forms of cyber-stalking’

‘The payments were cut by one-third in 2014 from €150 to €100 for primary school children aged four to 11, and from €250 to €200 for secondary school students aged 12 to 17. This was a cold, deliberate choice to increase poverty among the children we know to be most vulnerable.’ Photograph: Getty Images Fintan O’Toole: Poorest will be hardest hit by lone-parent cut

‘Back to School allowance for clothes and shoes were cut by one-third in 2014 from €150 to €100 for primary school children aged four to 11’

‘To have Tomi Reichental (above)  in the mosque this Friday during Ramadan will not only send out a strong message of peace and dialogue to people of all faiths, but at the same time highlight the essential fundamental principles of Islam.’ Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times Call on Irish Muslims to reach out to people of other faiths this Ramadan

Holocaust survivor to be guest at Muslim meal in west Dublin this week

‘Traditional sources are still far more trusted than newer home-grown digital sources. Some 59 per cent of Irish people put most trust in either the online or printed version of newspapers, or in radio and TV broadcasters, online and off, whereas just 7 per cent trust social media and blogs.’ Photograph: Getty Images Declining trust in journalism mirrors declining trust in politics and politicians

‘This is a dangerous place for a democracy to be and there are good reasons for us to try to understand how it is we got here so that we can take alleviating action if necessary’

‘Communities come into their own, like schools, which continue to have deep significance long after pupils have left them behind, and parishes, which open their doors to create a safe space to gather.’  Above, flowers have been laid beside a memorial service in UCD, Dublin for the six students who died in the balcony collapse tragedy in Berkeley, California. Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins Breda O’Brien: The Berkeley deaths draw us close together in our sorrow

‘Sometimes we worry that community is weakening in Ireland. That may be true in some respects, but it is at times of bereavement that we see the importance of community ties’

‘It will be an interesting weekend. Such are the huge risks and uncertainties that both sides would face if Greece left the euro, a deal could be done, either on Monday or in the following days.’ Above, a young woman walks past a graffiti called ‘Death of Euro’ by French street artist Goin, in central Athens on June 19th, 2015. Photograph: ARIS MESSINIS/AFP/Getty Images Cliff Taylor: Why should we care if Greece has to leave the euro?

‘Grexit could knock confidence and international growth, inevitably affecting our prospects’

‘Kevin Cardiff made no bones about the fact that Ireland was pushed into the EU/IMF bailout in November 2010 but he also said he felt grateful that the institutions were prepared to fund Ireland for three years.’ Above, then taoiseach Brian Cowen and minister for finance, Brian Lenihan,   making a statement following the Cabinet meeting  regarding the EU/IMF  bailout in 2010. Photographer: Dara Mac Dónaill / THE IRISH TIMES Stephen Collins: Theatre of banking inquiry shows right course was followed

‘When the storm struck Brian Lenihan and Brian Cowen did what was required to stop the country sliding over the edge of the abyss’

‘In recent years vulture speculators have been easily able to wipe out what a rebellion against British imperialism could not.’ Above,  John Crowe from Artane at  a protest outside Clerys on O’Connell Street, Dublin in support of workers who lost their jobs. Photograph: Gareth Chaney Collins Diarmaid Ferriter: Best little country? Not for Clerys workers and art treasures

Two controversies bring into sharp and depressing focus the issues of vulture capitalism and the debasement of our national heritage

‘The Donald (as he is dispiritingly known to other holders of that excellent name) let nobody down when he appeared at the Trump Tower on Tuesday.’ Above, Trump gestures after speaking and taking questions at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Wednesday. Photograph: Dominick Reuter/Reuters Donald Clarke: Why Trump is answer to Democrats’ prayers

Absurd, eccentric, right-wing carnival huckster has no chance of becoming president

‘On a high  turnout Turkish voters  endorsed a political alternative by bringing a new Kurdish-based party into parliament on a multicultural programme, thereby depriving Erdogan’s party of its governing majority.’ Above, officials count votes after the close of voting in Diyarbakir, Turkey.  Photograph: EPA/SEDAT SUNA Nationalist forces in Greece and Turkey could thrive if Greek deal fails

‘If Greece were to face economic collapse, and exit from the euro zone or even from the EU after the failure of these talks, the impact on Turkey would be large’

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