“Porndog  encapsulates many food and restaurant trends in Dublin that need to just go to their bedroom and think about what they’ve done.” Una Mullally: Irish restaurants have lost the plot

Dismantling of generic Irish restaurant menu is to be welcomed

Frank Daly: ‘Nama has nothing to hide, yet it appears that our critics have nothing to prove’ Time has come for Nama’s critics to put up or shut up

Claims about the agency’s conduct have not been supported by any evidence

Our proposal would abolish USC and employee’s PRSI and introduce a flat tax rate of 23 per cent. A flat tax would see everyone play by the same rules

Renua Ireland’s tax proposals would boost livelihoods of working families

The Apple ruling comes at an unfortunate time for Ireland, as the whole structure on which these big companies pay tax is under the microscope. Photo: Bloomberg Cliff Taylor: Don't believe the spin, multinationals will pay more tax

OECD review will bring the familiar chest-beating, ducking and finger-pointing which this subject always creates

Diarmaid Ferriter: Johnny Ronan’s faux patriotism is crass and self-serving

Nazi reference says much about the hubris, arrogance and delusion of aggrieved, self-pitying gamblers who strode the Celtic Tiger terrain

Suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst, who was adamantly opposed to marriage and created a minor stir by refusing to marry her daughter’s father. Photograph: Hulton Archive/Getty Images Donald Clarke: Why is marriage still so popular?

Far from being obsolete, weddings are louder, gaudier and more expensive than ever

Fine Gael and Labour only need to gain a few points each to be in with a great chance of winning an historic second term. ‘Tide of affairs’ will decide when Kenny calls election

The key question is why delay until February or March when things are unlikely to be any better but could be far worse.

“Thousands of low-level Farc fighters would be granted an amnesty for “political” crimes.” Worldview: Echoes of North in Colombia peace deal

The hope is that, like Northern Ireland, Colombia will swallow the bitter pill of “amnesty” in order to grasp the bigger prize of peace.

Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton: Like the four he chose to highlight, Francis defies easy categorisation.  Breda O’Brien: Americans singled out by pope have one thing in common

All shared an intense consciousness of the centrality of God in their lives

Tony O’Reilly: “If his commitment to free speech was merely a pose, the Sunday Independent gave plenty of opportunity to depose it.” Anne Harris: History will judge O’Reilly as a man of principle

While the former newspaper proprietor will always have his critics, his dedication to press freedom is unassailable

Good outcome: Sinead Mulhall reading with Marie Byrne, (right) to children as part of Chatter Matters at the Larkin Childcare Facility, Ballybough Preschool, Ballybough, Dublin. May 2014. Photograph; Dara Mac Donaill.  State subsidies for childcare must deliver for children not just employers

Care must be taken in drawing lessons from Quebec study linking subsidised childcare to crime rates

Walking: Nama chairman Frank Daly and Brendan McDonagh, chief executive arriving at the Public Accounts Committee, (PAC) in Leinster House earlier this year. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill John McManus: Nama cannot just walk away from controversy over €1.6bn Northern Irish deal

When you look at the background the agency’s position does not really hold water

Catalans gather for the closing rally of the parlimentary elections held last weekend. Photograph: Alex Caparros/Getty Images Catalonia may ultimately have to decide whether to accept Spanish rule or resist

Seperatists are quick to quote the “Irish solution” of 1918-1919, they are decidedly uncomfortable in discussing the sequel

Kate Nash: “You look at the way the whole thing is being handled and you know it’s all more about politics than finding the truth.” Photograph: Charles McQuillan/Getty Images Eamonn McCann: No getting past the North’s Troubles

Legislation for new investigatory mechanisms to start this month

 Dorothea Dowling, Chairperson, MIAB, at the launch of the Motor Insurance Advisory Board report in 2002.  Photograph: Eric Luke Dorothea Dowling: Time for another investigation into motor insurance prices

Claims that rising awards are pushing up insurance costs have no basis

 Edward Kennedy flanked by  President Mary McAleese and Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott talks to reporters on Capitol Hill Tuesday, May 16, 2000. Photo: AP Photo/Hillery Smith Garrison Fresh light shed on Edward Kennedy role in Northern Irish peace process

Sinn Fein/IRA and its supporters repeatedly insist that outside pressure has no impact on IRA decisions. The evidence suggests otherwise.

Gardaí Éireannach: Irish Guards wearing shamrocks on their berets take part in a parade on St Patrick’s Day in Kuwait, March 17, 2003. REUTERS/Mark Richards GAA made right decision to allow Irish Guards team join London branch

The most notable aspect of the regiment’s request has been the low-key coverage

Triumph for the Law Society: Solicitors receiving their parchments last year. Charles Lysaght: New legal regulations will not hurt lawyers’ fees

Our system protects lawyers and by so doing inflates the going rate for legal fees

 Japan:  Their reward was a game four days later versus an tier 1 side. Picture: Julian Finney/Getty Images Kathy Sheridan: Winner-take-all attitude has infected sport

By facilitating ritual humiliations in the pursuit of big cash bonanzas, sports’ governing bodies show no sense of responsibility

Pope Francis on his way to celebrate Sunday Mass in Philadelphia. Matt Rourke-Pool/Getty Images Is Pope Francis really ‘a liberal revolutionary’?

Theologically he is as conservative as any other pope since Vatican II

Women marching in Dublin in 1978 for reform of the law covering rape. Photograph: Eddie Kelly Susan McKay: Trailblazing activist has stooped to folly and must expect a harsh response

Susan Brownmiller seems to have reverted to denial in comments on campus rape

"The sleight-of-hand is more Tommy Cooper than Penn and Teller". Taoiseach Enda Kenny with Minister for Finance Michael Noonan. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times Fintan O’Toole: The myth of Ireland’s progressive tax system

The top 10% pay 29% of their incomes in tax. The bottom 10% pay 28%

“The hottest start up at the web summit was the web summit itself” Una Mullally: Web Summit was an ego boost for Dublin

It fed into a loose narrative that Dublin was legit in the tech world

The 1916 Proclamation:  Sacred text or  a historical document? Government priority is to make 1916 anniversary politically useful.

The view presented of Irish history is simplistic and inaccurate

Easter Rising 1916: Commemorative periods prompt much propaganda and education is essential to counteract it. Diarmaid Ferriter: Telling our children about the Easter rising is still no easy thing

Simplistic narratives are complicated by new sources

      “Ebola and mass displacement are everyone’s problem, and everyone’s responsibility.” Migrant arriving on Lesbos.  Getty Images Dominic MacSorley: Two things we must do to ensure that UN global development goals are not hollow promises.

Humanitarian funding and an end to conflict are the priorities.

“Children who went through Quebec’s child-care system were more likely to commit a crime, have poor health and experience lower levels of life satisfaction.” Breda O’Brien: State subsidised child care is no Nirvana

What is good for disadvantaged children is not good for all children, research suggests

A  child sits in front of other migrants waiting for the lunch offered to them for the celebration of Eid-al-Adha in the village of Miratovac, south Serbia. Photograph: Hazir Reka/Reuters Population growth is part of migrant crisis

Deeper engagement with fragile states is required as population pressures increase

People march during a Catalan Pro-Independence demonstration. David Ramos/Getty Images Catalan election raises prospect of secession

Sunday’s elections are being used by political parties as a vote on independence

Cherry pie: giving away money in the good years is the way  Irish budgets have always operated Cliff Taylor: Budget battle should be about dividing the pie

EU rules mean next government will have to confront choices in a much more upfront way

Syria: Complexity shouldn’t be an excuse for inertia. UN agreement on development goals contrasts with disarray over Syria

Every country in the world will commit to a new paradigm designed to promote economic development in a sustainable way

No Irish cheerleaders this time: Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras at the first cabinet meeting of his new administration. Getty Images Stephen Collins: Stability or chaos is the choice facing the Irish electorate

Greek experience exposed hollowness of the “anti-austerity” stance but not everybody is convinced.

Bono: “You will be forgiven if some of you are rolling your eyes, or yawning, or worse.” Bono: Marshall plan needed to make sustainable development a reality

When the CIA and anti-poverty activists agree, things must be very right or very wrong!

 Trying to spin it both ways Noel Whelan: Auction politics are back with a vengeance

Government ratcheting up the sense that lots of goodies are on their way

Ebola in West Africa: The world had no treatment response. Only one health goal on the SDG agenda

More research and development, especially on behalf of developing countries, is required and should be aimed at supporting healthy populations, not only healthy profits

British prime minister David Cameron: there is no proof that he  performed the act of which he has been accused by a resentful former friend. Photograph: Matt Dunham/Getty Images British prime minister David Cameron has committed no crime

It is widely recognised that British Conservatives enjoy more adventurous sex lives than members of any other party

Khaled Hosseini, UNHCR goodwill ambassador. An investment in the future of refugees is an investment in ours too

Displaced people will not return home for years. We must help them rebuild lives

Paddy Cosgrave, founder of The Web Summit. Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times Paddy Cosgrave: Why I moved the Web Summit to Lisbon

‘We needed a new home for future growth,’ says founder of major technology event

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: “Leave no-one behind. ” New UN development goals laudable but delivering on their promise will be hard

After some noxious last-minute compromises, the outcomes are not as transformational as they claim to be.

Kiltimagh: No one shouted stop Unattractive rural towns are ultimately doomed

They must be places where couples, families and empty-nesters want to live

This is a problem with a thousand tentacles. Calling time on cheap drink would be big step forward

The big ticket solution on offer is minimum unit pricing

University educations  are like meals With universities you get what you pay for

Judging the outcomes of a university education solely on results is like judging a meal solely on the number of calories

The key to this extreme inequality, even by the miserable standards of the contemporary world, is education. Fintan O’Toole: What is at the root of inequality?

People with inadequate education suffer in pretty much every economy. But they suffer much, much worse in the State.

Proposals to integrate Dublin’s disparate rail services have been kicking around for a century or more. Frank McDonald: Why ‘Dart Underground’ should not be cast aside

Ministers seems focused on the price, but this could regenerate the rail network

National Eucharistic Congress at Knock next weekend will provide spiritual refreshment

Will also prepare pilgrims for the International Congress in the Philippines next year

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