Transcript of Willie O'Dea interview

Thu, Feb 18, 2010, 00:00

The following is the relevant extract from the transcript of the interview between Limerick Chronicle and Limerick Leader journalist Mike Dwane (MD) and Willie O'Dea (WOD) on March 9th , 009. The reference to Noreen Ryan relates to a councillor who had left Fianna Fáil after giving evidence in a case in which Mr O'Dea was involved.

WOD: While occasionally we send out letters to planning applicants we have never been involved with anybody who shot anybody. or robbed banks, or kidnapped people. I suppose I'm going a bit too far when I say this
but I'd like to ask Mr Quinlivan is the brothel still closed?

MD: Is the brothel still closed?

WOD: Is the brothel still closed?

MD: What brothel `is that, Willie?

WOD: Do you know the brothel they found in his name and in his brother's name down in Clancy Strand?

MD: I never heard about that.

WOD: Did you not hear that? You better check with your sources. There was a house owned by him that was rented out and they found two ladies of the night operating in there in the last couple of weeks.

MD: Right. The other one I wanted to ask you about Willie was were you disappointed to see Noreen Ryan in the witness box?

WOD: I don't want to talk about that ...