Suspect in grisly killing not to contest extradition


LUKA ROCCO Magnotta, the Canadian accused of killing, dismembering and posting body parts of his former lover, 32-year-old Jun Lin, told a Berlin court yesterday that he would not fight extradition.

Magnotta, who used at least three identities and was an avid internet user, is believed to have killed Lin with a pick axe, dismembered and defiled his body and then mailed some of the body parts to political parties in the Canadian capital, Ottawa. There are suggestions that he may have eaten parts of Lin.

German police spokesman Stefan Redlich said the 29-year-old who had been the subject of a worldwide manhunt until his arrest on Monday in an internet cafe, made a brief court appearance and “told the judge he would not object to his return to Canada”.

The police spokesman said Magnotta – a former stripper and pornography actor against whom an Interpol so-called red notice, the agency’s highest level of warning, was issued – refused to discuss any other details of his case with the judge.

Lin’s head was cut off on the night of May 24th. Parts of his body were then posted, addressed to Canadian federal Conservative and Liberal party offices. He left a bizarre internet trail as an alleged kitten-killer and bisexual porn star, Montreal police spokesman Ian Lafreiniere said after Magnotta’s arrest. Canadian police have not ruled out the possibility that he was involved in other crimes.

He was arrested when the owner of the Berlin internet cafe, Kadir Anlayisli, recognised Magnotta.

“Our policemen went inside and asked the person for his identification. He gave them a false name but he got very nervous so they insisted on seeing his passport. After a while he gave up and said, ‘You’ve got me’,” said Berlin police spokesman Stefan Redlich.

Magnotta made a brief court appearance. Guards at the detention centre described him as “quite meek”, Mr Redlich said. “They told me that he had passed a quiet night without incident . . . He was asleep on a wooden bed with a mattress in a tidy German prison cell that measures 1.5 metres by five metres.”

Martin Steltner, a lawyer and spokesman for the state prosecutor’s office, said that when offered the choice of a shared cell or to be alone, Magnotta chose to be alone.

“There is no international arrest warrant for him because we only get these from other European Union countries, but it was legal to arrest him,” said Mr Steltner. – (Reuters)