Senior Ulster Unionist in Down defects to DUP


POLITICAL DEFECTION:A SENIOR Ulster Unionist in North Down has defected to the DUP, and will support Diane Dodds in the European election campaign.

Mark Brooks, chairman of the party in the constituency, said he had been unhappy for some time within the UUP, especially over moves to form an electoral pact with the Conservatives.

“This unhappiness stems from the fact that internal wrangling and attempts at selling themselves to the Conservative Party have been of higher priority than that of serving the people of Northern Ireland,” he said.

“That is not why I am involved in politics.

“The Conservative Party was responsible for the Anglo-Irish Agreement in 1985, the removal of our own Stormont government before, and it is my feeling that they cannot be trusted on this occasion either.”

He also said DUP councillors worked more productively for the local electorate, and he offered his backing for DUP candidate Ms Dodds in next month’s European election.

“Northern Ireland needs a strong party to deliver for householders whilst still defending the union and standing against Sinn Féin in government.

“Only the DUP is delivering policies in Northern Ireland which are benefiting the province.”