Ooohh look, there's Steven Spielberg...


A red carpet led them into the Savoy. Here’s Spielberg and Field. And there’s Daniel Day-Lewis

If you had one question to ask actor Daniel Day-Lewis, what would it be? The man who has won two Oscars, who is tipped for his third, and who rarely gives interviews, would take one question from The Irish Times yesterday at the premiere of Lincoln. This is what the slightly scary people from Fox movies told the assembled press in a briefing yesterday afternoon, as we squashed up at the end of the red carpet that ran from the Gresham Hotel through the sleet of O’Connell Street into the Savoy Cinema.

Forty-five minutes, which is how long it took the trio of Hollywood superstars – Day-Lewis, director Steven Spielberg and actor Sally Field – to arrive in the cinema foyer, is a very long time to fret about asking one question.

Premiere and props

“Mr Day-Lewis, how did you persuade Steven Spielberg to come to freezing-cold Dublin in January for the premiere, and to give you props from the movie to auction?”

“Daniel, how much are you hoping the charity auction at the Burlington Hotel later tonight will raise for the Wicklow Hospice?”

“Dan, um, could I have your number, please?”

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