McFeely fails to have his bankruptcy overturned


Priory Hall developer Tom McFeely has failed to overturn his bankruptcy after the High Court found he had failed to provide evidence to show his main centre of business interests was in the UK.

During yesterday’s hearing, Mr McFeely (64), a native of Derry and a former IRA hunger striker, said his marriage had broken up due to coverage by the “gutter media”. What was happening to him was “a travesty” and was because “I was born where I was born” and because he was “a former IRA man”.

When he had said he did not want to take the law “into my own hands”, he added: “I have lived in the North for years and I have to protect myself and if somebody comes to my door, I am entitled to defend myself.” He apologised for sounding aggressive, saying he was “getting a little old for that anyway”.