Irish HMV staff end sit-in protests


HMV staff at two Limerick outlets and stores in Cork and Tallaght have ended sit-ins in the stores after receiving guarantees from the receivers Deloitte last night.

It is understood staff were told they would be paid at the end of this week. It is unclear if this payment includes redundancy.

Socialist Party TD Joe Higgins criticised Deloitte for their treatment of HMV's staff in the Republic and and alleged pressure was applied to workers occupying

stores in Limerick, Cork and Tallaght.

Mr Higgins claimed those involved in the sit-ins were told no wages or overtime would be paid to all Irish employees if the occupations continued beyond 3pm yesterday.

He said Deloitte reportedly told staff to apply to the Department of Social Protection for redundancy payments and holiday pay owed. A spokesman for Deloitte could not immediately be reached for comment.

About a dozen members of staff occupied one unit at the Crescent Shopping Centre on the outskirts of the city and 14 others held a sit in at the Cruises Street branch in the city.

The news comes as entertainment giants including Universal Music, Warner Music and Sony are reportedly considering plans to offer HMV suitors generous credit terms and cut the price of CDs and DVDs to help keep HMV?s presence on the high street.

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